I have been curating the information for several people that are representative of the audience I am hoping to engage and design for with my thesis work. Most of my users have a common problem: they had been physically fit until this particular point in time, and are now concerned about their level of activity or weight.

Many of my questions probe their plans to exercise. Whether they have started or plan to start? Are there hesitations? What are the hesitations? Is there trouble with motivation trumping intention? What are their concerns with traditional options for exercise? How do they feel about those traditional exercises and institutions.

I would like to know what they did in the past to stay healthy? Was it genetics? Or did they live an active lifestyle that didn't necessarily involve specific trips to exercise institutions or fitness classes? Do they have friends or acquaintances who exercise, or do they know people who also lack motivation? What are their plans for starting to exercise? Have imagined themselves exercising? Has the of themselves exercising been happening for longer than they have actually exercised? What do they find enjoyable about exercise? What don't they find enjoyable?